BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S Mapping Tool V1.1



"BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S" is a prototype mapping tool that can be used to map Business Process Execution Language for Web Service (BPEL4WS) processes to OWL based Web Services ontology (OWL-S). The aim of the tool is to map the static composition of different Web Services in a BPEL process to semantically enriched OWL-S ontology. Where Profile of the resulting OWL-S service describes capabilities of service. Process Model tells about how the servcice works and Grounding describes how to interact with service.This semantically enriched information about the capbilities of a service can be used to move from static composition of Web Services to dynamic composition of services by disocvering, composing and inoking the required services on the basis of their matching semantics..

Features and Limitations:

"BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S" mapping tool, maps the BPEL process to OWL-S suite of ontologies (Service, Profile, Process Model and Grounding). Tool supports the mapping of BPEL Primitive and Structured Activities to OWL-S Atomic and Composite Processes. Operations supported by Primitive Activities within a BPEL process are mapped to OWL-S Atomic Processes according to WSDL2OWL-S standards (by mindswap Labs). Also BPEL Structured Activities e.g. Sequence, Flow, IfThenElse etc. are mapped to relavent OWL-S composite process control constructs e.g. Sequence, Split etc. Concurrent execution of process component is supported by mapping "Flow" activity to "Split" control construct in OWL-S but synchronization between process components is not supported in this version. Tool partially supports the creation of Data Flow between process components. Also, since there exist no equalent control constructs in OWL-S for BPEL activities like Fault Handler, Terminate, wait etc therefore mapping in these areas is not supported and need some specification from OWL-S community.

User Interface:

"BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S" tool provides an easy to use interface. As an input user needs to add BPEL and WSDL files in the project. After adding the required files in the project user has to perform the actions e.g. validating, building and mapping the project. Tool Bar and Menu Bar of the mapping tool can be used to perform the conrresponding tasks. Right upper window acts as a “Project Explorer” to explore project files (BPEL, WSDL and OWL files). Right lower window is “Object Explorer” which gives object view of BPEL, WSDL and data flow OWL files. Object view for OWL-S suite of ontologies is not supported in this version. But contents of these files can be seen in upper left window by double clicking the file in “Project Explorer”. While the left lower window is output window which gives output messages of different actions performed e.g. validation, building and mapping.



                        Fig.1. Overview of "BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S" mapping tool


Download Tool (All the required files e.g. OWL-S API and Jena reasoner are included in the download)
From BPEL4WS Process Model to Full OWL-S Ontology (.pdf)


Soon we will write a tutorial to guide you how to complete the "LangAndDicPrj" example (available with tool). Till now you can download the example (available with tool )and import the BPEL process in some process development environment e.g. MS BizTalk Server or IBM WebSphere etc. to understand the example scenario and try to map this sample BPEL process to OWL-S ontology. Completion of mapped OWL-S service needs a user to have good knowledge of OWL-S and should understand the process flow in the origional BPEL process.



BPEL4WS2OWL-S V1.1 is an extention to BPEL4WS2OWL-S V 1.0 by "CICEC Lab, Swinburne University". BPEL4WS2OWL-S tool has been extended by "Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam" at "Betriebliche Informationssysteme, University Of Leipzig, Germany". OWL-S API is an important part of implementation of this extended version.


Since "BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S" is a prototype mapping tool and is under continuous development, therefore suggestions about adding new features and imporving the tool, bugs and  error reports are warmly welcomed. you can send your comments at "ahtisham_a@hotmail.com".


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